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The Trio

Hybrid Breeds

Shown here are five of the twelve standard hybrid laying hens that we breed at Chalk Hill. Additionally we rear Golden Speckled, Partridge Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Splash, Tricolor Leghorn and White Leghorn breeds. All our birds have been developed from a mix to maximise egg production and all are professionally reared ensuring a vigorous and hardy bird.

For the first time poultry keeper any of our hybrids would be the perfect choice as they're robust and easy to care for; soon becoming tame and easy to handle. All our birds will adapt to a garden environment as they're equally happy roaming free or enclosed in a run.

The White Leghorn lays pure white eggs, The Bluebelle, Speckledy and Sussex Star lay beige eggs. The Partridge Leghorn and Tricolor Leghorn lay cream eggs. The Golden Speckled, Rhode Island Red and Splash lay light brown eggs and the Amber Star, Columbian Blacktail and Rhode Ranger lay brown eggs. All our birds are vacinated according to a comprehensive programme and they're also regularly wormed. Hybrids cost £17 per bird. Trade enquires are welcomed; we offer attractive discounts and birds can be delivered nationwide at an additional cost. Please note that we will be posting pictures of all our hybrids in the next few months.

Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs are available for the following Pure Breeds: Dark Brahma, Gold Brahma, Cream Crested Legbar, Cuckoo Marans, French Copper Black Marans, French Wheaton Marans, Buff Orpington and Barred Plymouth Rock. We maintain an optimum cockerel to hen ratio to ensure fertility however we can't guarantee that this will be sustained through the post.

We'll let you know when batches of hatching eggs become available in the 'latest' slot above and 'traffic lights' on the order page will advise when stocks are low. You'll receive your hatching eggs in post-safe poly boxes via Royal Mail signed for first class delivery. These eggs can be incubated or put under a broody hen. Please note that we only recommend Brinsea Incubators. Payment is via PayPal. You can make a card payment this way even if you don't have a PayPal account.

Go to the PayPal shop to purchase Hatching Eggs

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